Rick Marei sent me an old Doxa manual from the 1960's. It is in French and was sent out with all the SUB models produced at that time.

This page shows certificates and letters from the major French Diving companies at the time. It also shows the priceleist. Note that there was a 200 T.Graph Conquistador with a helium release valve.

Information on the watches and how to operate the chronograph.

Just look at that collection! Wouldn't you like to have that lot sitting in your watch box.

Nice shot of the 300T, movement and the bracelet.

Information on how to adjust the bracelet with the supplied screwdriver.

Interesting photos but it is unknown who the people are.

At the time Doxa had a world-wide network of dealers and service agaents.

Notice how the text says that all the watches come in a metal box which can be used as a cigarette holder or jewel case.


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