This page is for information on Dr. Clive Cussler and his tie in with Doxa. Mainly this is though his character Dirk Pitt in his adventure novels. Pitt, of course, wears an original Doxa SUB 300T, just like Clive's.

In 2004 Clive Cussler lost his original Orange Dial SUB 300T. The full story is HERE

Alan Griff allowed me to use this photo of Dr. Cussler wearing his original SUB 300T. Alan took the photo at a book signing in New York for the Seahunters II, released in December 2002. Note the bracelet on the 300T. It is not the original.

This is another of Alan's photos. It shows Dr. Cussler's original SUB 300T and Alan's re-issue SUB 300T Professional. Unfortunately the original photo was not very clear so I sharpened it up and shrunk the size. It doesn't look too bad now. The classic "King" and the new "Pretender to the Throne".

Rick Marei from DOXA S.A. sent me this great closeup of Dr. Cussler signing one of his books wearing his new SUB 300T Professional. It seems that Doxa supplied 3 SUB 300T Professionals to Crusader films for the the actors to wear in the movie. Matthew McConaughey is playing Dirk Pitt. Steve Zahn will play Al Giordino and Penelope Cruz is playing Eva Rojas.

Here is a great photo which was signed by Clive Cussler for Graeme Ashly Nixon. Graeme added his 600T for good measure

This is the publicity shot used for the release of Trojan Odyssey (November 2003)

For more information on Clive Cussler go to NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency). I can also recommend that you join The Clive Cussler Collector's Society. Click on the image below to visit their site.


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