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I managed to get hold of a signed 1st edition copy of The Sea Hunters. I thought it fitting to take a photo of it with the SUB 300T.


I am indebted to H. Seung for allowing me to take this from his posting on the Military Watch Resource Forum. He took these photos while visiting the National War Museum located in Seoul, South Korea. It's an orange dial Doxa Sub 300T issued to a pilot of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) back in early 1980.


The box lid has a government paper with the following statement :-

This is equipment purchased with citizens' tax.

Equipment Name: UND. WATCH Model: DOXA
Serial Number: 10363 Military Stock: Gook Ko (Military Stock)
Purchase Year: 1980 Purchase Price: $201.00
Contract Year and Code: Budget Code: F47G


It is interesting to see a watch designed for use by a diver being issued to a fighter pilot.


This still is from the movie Three days of the Condor and shows Robert Redford wearing a vintage SUB 300T Sharkhunter


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