© Dr. Peter McClean Millar - February 2003

Many people have asked about the difference between the Professional and Seahunter editions of the SUB 300T. I thought I'd do a side by side comparison just to clear up a few things. This isn't an in depth comparison like the Doxa - Seiko and Doxa - Zeno reviews because effectively the Professional and Seahunter are very similar watches. The case, bezel and bracelet are the same. It is only the dial, caseback and certificate which differentiate the two.

The background to the Seahunter is fairly interesting and is really all down to Dr. Clive Cussler. The orange dial SUB 300T Professional was discontinued in 1977 but lived on and flourished on the wrist of Cussler's fictional hero; Dirk Pitt. In 2002 Doxa reissued the SUB 300T Professional in a limited edition of 1,000 watches. A short time later they also issued a limited edition watch called the Seahunter. Again only 1,000 watches were produced. Number 001 in each series was given to Dr. Cussler. The Seahunter was issued to commemorate Dr. Cussler's book titled the Seahunters. This is a non fiction story chronicling the adventures of his National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) team searching for and discovering old shipwrecks, including the Steamboat Lexington and the Confederate Submarine Huntly. The National Geographic Channel later made a television series based on the NUMA exploits.

Both watches come in the same presentation package which consists of a superb silver Aluminium diving tube with Doxa emblazoned on the side. The tube contains the watch, the steel bracelet, a black leatherette strap and 2 jewelers screwdrivers. The first reissue Professionals came in a black anodized tube but this was changed in favour of the silver version shown above.

The first major difference to be found is in the certificates which come with the watches. The Professional's is utilitarian and comes on plain paper.

The Seahunter's is a lavish affair on stiff card which has the added bonus of being signed by Clive Cussler. The Seahunter certificate is good enough to frame and that is exactly what several people have done with theirs.

The thing that really differentiates the two watches is the dial. Although both have the classic SUB 300T orange face, hands and markers. The Seahunter has the blue lettering 'Seahunter' in place of black lettering 'Professional', a blue dot on the sweep hand and a small diver image on the dial. The blue 'Seahunter' lettering doesn't show up as destinctive on the photos as it really is.

The most common question about the Seahunter is; "does the blue dot on the sweep hand have a luminous coating?". The answer is "no it doesn't". The sweep hand cannot be seen in the dark.

The other difference between the watches is the casebacks. Both have the fish logo and the Limited Edition number. However, the Seahunter has the words 'DOXA SUB 300T' and 'SEAHUNTER' etched on the caseback. The Professional has no such etching.

There are two minor differences which at first were not noticeable. Firstly the date numbers. The Seahunter uses a different date wheel to the Professional. The numbers are slightly larger. Secondly the word 'automatic' on the Seahunter is not as bold as that on the Professional. These are purely minor cosmetic differences and would only be noticed when both models are side by side and under close scrutiny.


And that is basically it. The two watches are fairly difficult to distinguish from a distance and this fact upset a few people when the Seahunter was released. It was felt that Doxa had reneged on the promise of only releasing 1,000 orange SUB 300T Professionals. Having the two watches side by side, I can see why people would think like that. However, although similar in many ways, these are two different and distinct watches and represent different aspects of owning a Doxa. The Professional is true to the original orange SUB 300T and harks back to the seventies and the watch popularized by Dirk Pitt. The Seahunter is a homage not only to the original Professional but also to the man who kept the orange flame alive; Dr. Clive Cussler, 'The Seahunter'. It is for that reason many people have bought both.


At the time of writing (February 2003), all the SUB 300T Professionals have been sold and there are only a few hundred Seahunters left. Either of the watches is a true classic. The style is pure seventies but the reissue case and bracelet is a nod to the new millennium and will in time become as sought after as the original orange SUB 300T. Buy one while you can because time is running out. You won't be disappointed and once they are all sold, you won't see their like again for another 30 years.


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Dr. Peter McClean Millar