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Ever since Doxa released the SUB 600T, many people have tried to resize the bracelet with varying degrees of success. The reason for this is that Doxa stopped using the traditional split pin in favour of the pin and collar arrangement. Doxa produced an animaterd flash movie which can be downloaded and viewed HERE (This is a zip file and will need to be unzipped and installed on your computer). Because the pins and collars are very small and the operation is quite fiddly I have decided to put together a photo essay on how to resize a bracelet for those who want to try it themselves.

Before even attempting to try this at home, please prepare your work surface. Do not do it on the carpet or a glass top table or formica sink top. If you drop any of the small components, they will surely bounce or get lost in the shag pile. As can be seen from the photo above, I use a pin removal tool, a push pin and a pair of pliers. The removal tool can be bought for around 13 dollars.


The push pin is used to split the bracelet clasp. It is held together by a small spring loaded pin similar to those in the bracelet end pieces. Splitting ther bracelet makes it so much easier to work with.


Align the removal tools pin in the hole which has the arrow beside it. The arrow on bracelet underside indicates the direction the pin should be pushed to remove it.


Note how in the above photo the end of the pin is now sticking out of the top of the bracelet.


Even though the pin is now sticking out, it will still be too tight to remove by hand. Grip it with the pliers and pull. Be careful not to bend the pin.


This photo clearly shows just how small the pins and collars are. There is one collar in each link. You will see 3 holes in the 3 link pieces. If you look carefully you will see that one is slightly larger than the other 2. It is at the side of the bracelet closest to the arrows. This is where the collar is located. It is also possible to see that the pin has a smaller diameter on one side. This is the end which goes in first and will lock into the collar.


Having removed the necessary links, it is time to rejoin the bracelet. The above photo shows where the collar has to be inserted.


The next step is to align the links and push the pin in from the side of the bracelet which doesn't have the arrow.


You will have to tap the pin to lock it into place. It only takes a little bit of force and I just use the side of the pliers. If you have to bash the pin hard, then you have done something wrong like put the thicker end of the pin in first. You shouldn't need to use much force to reseat the pin.

It is actually possible to push the pins out using the little push pin shown in the first photo. I wouldn't recommend trying it. Also if you do not have the tools or do not feel confident doing the above procedure, then take the watch to a jeweler. Print this out and take it with you and let him see it as some jewlers haven't seen the collar and pin arrangement and could lose the collar. My advice is spend the 13 bucks and get the bracelet pin tool and do it yourself. This way you really get to know your new SUB 600T.


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Dr. Peter McClean Millar